I.     Consultation

Also known as the “pre-design” phase. This is when we visit an existing facility to discuss system requirements, and get a basic idea as to what the customer’s needs are. In the case of a new construction, a copy of the new facility’s blueprints would be required in order to compile an appropriate design.
II.    Design
Once we have a good idea as to what the customer’s needs are, it’s time to put our many years of experience into action and design a system that would best meet the customer’s needs and budget.

                  a. Rough Wiring
In this stage of the process, all rough lines are run. This is best accomplished while the walls are still exposed and the electrician is completing his work.
Equipment Installation
After the walls and ceiling are closed up and finished, it’s now time to start installing equipment and terminating all the rough lines that were previously laid.
                  c. Testing & Tuning
Following completion of the equipment installation and after all stationary objects are installed (pews, chandeliers, other furniture, etc), it is then time to test all connections and pull out the SMAART® rig. Using industry standard SMAART® software, we are able to properly “tune” the new system to the environment. This is a very important part of the process, as a properly tuned system allows much more gain before feedback as well as a higher quality of sound reproduction overall.
IV.   Training    
All systems installed by CFA come with some form of training in basic system operation. What good is a state of the art system if noone knows how to operate it?

When CFA finishes an installation, we never leave the customer hanging. We’re always here to answer your questions or concerns, as well as to perform any necessary service your systems may require.

Sound Testing Software
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“Roll Sound!”
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