We'll come to your church
during a service of your choice!


Prior to the service

  • We meet with your sound team to discuss any immediate issues they may have that can be addressed right away.

During the service

  • We take detailed first hand notes as to what the sound issues actually are.

Following the service

  • We meet with your sound team to discuss any issues that arose during the service, and answer any other questions they may have. We also briefly discuss some ways to improve the quality of the sound in your facility.

After we leave

  • Within a few days, a complete documented summary of all the issues we discovered at your facility will be sent to you. Along with this detailed summary, you will receive recommendations as to what can be done to improve the quality of your sound and take your sound ministry to the next level.

Call now to schedule:

We’ll assess your situation without
physically coming to your facility!

A Virtual System Analysis is the same as a regular system analysis, except a representative of Cross-Fade Audio never actually makes a site visit to the facility in question. This is a service offered exclusively by Cross-Fade Audio.

While the best way to accurately evaluate a sound system is to be on-site for the diagnosis, provided with enough information, we can make educated recommendations as to what can be done to improve the quality of the sound in your facility. This service in no way replaces an actual sound system analysis, but rather is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the smaller church facility (300 seats or fewer) on a tight budget.

Based on our recommendations, your sound team should be able to implement certain changes that would improve the quality of the sound in your facility, while staying within your allotted budget. We work with you providing the necessary equipment and support to take your sound to the next level.

Customer must provide:

  • High resolution pictures of equipment and facility (Via upload)

  • Video (optional...IN ADDITION TO PICTURES)

  • Complete list of equipment being used

  • Rough dimensions of facility in question (L/W/H)

  • Detailed explanation of any unique structural elements that would affect the acoustics of the space.

    • Any acoustic treatment

    • Exposed beams, etc.

  • Copy of blueprints of the space

    • handwritten prints w/dimensions or .pdf files would suffice

  • Completed online form

  • Payment via Check, CC or PayPal


Customer will receive

  • Documented diagnosis of problem(s)

  • Documented recommendations for resolution of problem(s)

  • 30 minute conference call

    • This is to answer any questions the customer may have about the documentation already sent via email or fax.

  • Estimate on what it would take to resolve the issues in question

Additional Options

  • List of materials (to be purchased exclusively from Cross-Fade Audio)

    • In processing the online form, the customer agrees to purchase equipment through Cross-Fade Audio. If the customer chooses to purchase the equipment elsewhere, there will be an additional fee for specific equipment model numbers, cut sheets and specifications.

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