Diagnostic & preventive maintenance
for your sound system!


Our Sound System “Tune-Up” service is a must for every church of any shape and size. It’s a good practice to have your system checked out at least once a year by a professional. As with a vehicle’s 3 month oil change, preventive maintenance on your sound system can extend its usefulness and increase its overall lifespan. Some of our customers even have this done more than once a year, and have been very pleased with the outcome. The less experience your sound team has, the more often this service needs to be performed.

Even seasoned engineers, simply from running the same system week in and week out, may miss something that might yield a better quality performance from your sound system.

Bringing in an outside professional to assess your system is also a good way to find out what it would take to bring your technical ministry to the next level. Remember, since we are a full service sound, video & lighting company, that means all technical areas

1. We’ll “pop the hood” on your system

  • OK, that’s just fancy for…turn it on

2. Make sure all connections are correct

  • Sometimes, problems are as simple as making sure all components are connected properly, and with the correct type of cable. Individual components have to be able to “talk” to each other in the correct manner, or there will be issues.

3. Listen to your room

  • Listening with our ears first, is a key component to this process. Electronics can take care of intricate details, but not all active issues require such attention. Some problems can be noticeable with the human ear. These issues must be resolved before being able to do any fine-tuning.

4. Make any small repairs as needed

  • We can re-solder connections and repair cabling if necessary.
  • Parts and/or repairs performed may incur additional fees.

5. Electronically analyze your EQ settings

  • Using Rational Acoustic’s state of the art SMAART® system measurement, analysis and optimization software, we are able to analyze your system and make necessary changes to your equalization/processor settings that could dramatically change the tonal quality and efficiency of the system.

  • Bottom line…we make sure everything is running as smooth as possible before we leave.

Following our visit, based upon our findings, we will send an email with some recommendations for improving the quality of the sound in your facility.


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